Beautiful Organization

Beautiful Organization

04 July 2018

Having a Healthy Environment is such a wonderful thing. Knowing that our home or office is clean and germ free leads us to healthier lives. Having our things simplified and purged gives us more space and less stress. Following through on this thought process gives us a moment to get creative in the organization of our Healthy Environments.

When starting an organization project, pick one small room or area. This could be a set of dresser drawers, a bathroom cabinet, or a simple closet. Starting out in a small area will allow you to test different organizing ideas and get comfortable with what you like.

Below are some different ideas on things that can be used to organize our homes and offices.

Shoe Racks:

These versatile small shelves offer many more options than just housing your shoes. Using a shoe rack on your desk will give you extra height and desk space. Another option is the hanging shoe rack. These over the door pocket holders can house all kinds of items from toys, bathroom supplies, cleaning supplies, and personal items.

Ice Cube Trays:

These inexpensive trays are ideal for organizing jewelry, buttons, crafting supplies, and office supplies. The small compartments keep items separated and organized. Want to get a little fancy? Grab a can of spray paint and give the trays a new look.

Magnetic Strips:

Use magnetic strips to organize metal objects like knives, bobby pins, sewing bobbins, scissors and much more. Have plastic containers you want to store on a wall? Glue a metal washer to the bottom or side of the container and now you can use these containers to store loose items.

Shower Caddies:

Having a shower caddy to store your shampoo is awesome, but using a shower caddy in other rooms of the house is genius. Want a simple spice rack in your kitchen? How about a remote control holder next to your bed? With a simple nail and a shower caddy the options are endless. Again if you want to color it up grab your spray paint and add some personal touches.

Whatever your organizing needs are, there are creative ways to display your things that are functional and beautiful.

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Make 2018 Your Year Of Beautiful Organization!

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