Healthy Tricks And Treats

Healthy Tricks And Treats

21 October 2019

Happy Halloween!! This is the one time of the year that we put up spider webs on purpose, and cleaning takes a back seat to a score of sweet treats.  Once the festivities are over and the costumes are packed away, cleaning up the house in preparation of the upcoming holidays becomes the goal.  Below are some areas that you can put on your cleaning schedule.

Your Ghostly Yard:

This is the time of year to address our yard and the areas that might need attention. Having any kind of yard on the Island is a bonus, but having a healthy yard is the best. Take some time this week and clean up your yard. DO you have a pool? We can help you with the chemicals needed to maintain your healthy pool. Do your gutters need cleaning or perhaps a good pressure washing is in order?

Spartan Sani-T-10® Disinfectant Sanitizer Algicide -5 Gal

Item # DS008-1

  • A truly versatile product. It makes an excellent disinfectant or sanitizer for use in many areas.
  • Dilution: 1/4-2 oz. makes gallon
  • pH 7.0 - 8.0
  • USDA: D2.
  • 5 Gal., ea

Your Scary Car:

How is the environment of your car? Are you in need of a good cleaning? We can help you there too. Having a clean and sanitized vehicle not only adds to the value of your car, but also adds to the enjoyment of driving your car.

Spartan Xtreme Custom Car Wash Detergent - 5 Gal

Item # VC000

  • Concentrated clear, custom designed for hand washing and the detailed needs of the automotive exterior care industry.
  • 5 Gal., ea

Your Haunted Closets:

This time of year, is the best for purging out the old and bringing in the new. Take the time to go through your closet and toss out or donate the items you have not worn in a year. Getting rid of the old opens room for the new.

Spartan PINE Multi Purpose Cleaner™ - Gal

Item # AP008

  • A detergent concentrate fortified with pine oil, formulated specifically for those who appreciate the clean, fresh deodorizing properties of pine oil.
  • Cleans and deodorizes in one application
  • pH 12.8-13.0.; Dilution: 2-13 oz. makes gallon

Your Devilish Grill:

Grilling season is upon us and parties are firing up. We offer many solutions to your dirty grill dilemma. The best way to have a healthy grilled meal is to have a healthy clean grill.

Spartan Oven & Grill Cleaner - Gal

Item # FP001

  • A combination of solvents, wetting agents, and alkaline materials.
  • Effectively cleans hot or cold surfaces and can be used for daytime or overnight cleaning.
  • Dilution: Straight - 12 oz. makes gallon
  • pH 13.5-14.0

ABC Sales & Services hopes you have a Healthy and Happy Halloween!!!

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Make 2019 Your Year Of Clean!

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