Try Peroxy

Try Peroxy

05 February 2020

Our homes and offices are full of hard surfaces from our tile floors to our walls, counter tops, bathrooms, tables, and cabinets. Cleaning each area using one all-purpose solution offers a quick and easy cleaning routine.

Nothing can make your cleaning tasks easier than Clean By Peroxy. Pale blue in color, with a fresh spring rain fragrance, and pleasant to use. It tackles most soils and can be characterized as an all-you-need, all-purpose cleaner.

Clean By Peroxy has been created from specially selected surfactants and blended with hydrogen peroxide. This combination provides unprecedented cleaning action to most surfaces and surface soils. Clean By Peroxy will even tackle grease and grime found in grout and on glazed ceramic tile!

Clean By Peroxy is Green Seal® Certified.

ABC Sales & Services offers you the most effective and easy to use products to assist you in your Healthy Environment. We offer to you the same products we use in our Janitorial Services.

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