Healthy Spring Break

Healthy Spring Break

23 March 2018

Welcome to Spring Break. The kids are off of school and the house is a mess. If you plan on enjoying the Beach over spring break then you will probably have sand throughout the house.

Getting the whole family motivated to help clean up the house can seem like a daunting task. There always seems to be an excuse why not to do it.

Here are some tips on keeping the family motivated so you’re not left with the mess after the break is over.

Make a plan:

Having a plan for the day is a great way to have fun and get things done. Heading to the beach or park later? Spend 15 minutes before you leave and pick up the clutter. Make a game out of it, first one to clean up their room gets to have the first snack at the beach.

The rinse off bucket:

Coming home from the beach means some of the beach comes home too. Before you leave put out a bucket and a jug of water. When you get back pour the water in the bucket and rinse off your feet and other sand areas. Also take advantage of the showers at beaches like Megan’s Bay. Getting all the sand out of the swim suit before you get home will not only reduce the sand in your home, but your car too.

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The one thing about a home that is decorated, it tends to be clean. Have the kids make pictures and art crafts that can be displayed around the house. Then where ever they will be displayed will need to be cleaned first. Explain to your kids they would not want to put such a fine piece of art work on a dusty shelf. You would be surprised how willing kids are to clean a shelf If they know they will be decorating it.

Keep track if your kids do their chores.

Assign a different Microfiber Cloth color to each person.

Whatever you do during Spring Break, have fun. Being able to have quality time with your family is a great adventure. Sneaking in some cleaning along the way makes it all the better.

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Make 2018 the Best Spring Break Clean Of All!

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