The Healthy Bedroom

The Healthy Bedroom

19 April 2018

Did you ever come home from a hard day at work and all you want to do is lounge in your bedroom and relax?  But, as you lay on your bed, you look around and realize your once tranquil environment is stressing you out?

Maybe you have a favorite chair in a corner of your room, but that serene sitting area is now covered in clothes or has become the catch all place.

This happens to all of us at one time or another. Life gets busy and clutter happens quickly.

Bedroom Tranquility

Getting a good night sleep is essential to a healthy life. Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting our bedrooms gives us a healthy environment to relax in. Here are some areas to address:

The Bed:

Strip the bed down to the mattress. Toss the sheets, comforter, and pillow cases in the laundry. Take a good look at your pillows. Are they stained or dark with mold? Moldy pillows should be tossed out and replaced. Stained pillows can be washed (follow the label directions). Next flip the mattress over. Flipping your mattress every six months will ensure even usage on both sides, prolonging the life of your mattress.

Pay attention to the bed frame, including under the bed. Dusting, using furniture polish, and removing stains will give your bed new life. Also take a moment to see the placement of your bed in the room. It there another angle or position the bed can be moved to?

When remaking the bed, think of your bed is in the best hotel you want to stay at. Making the bed with tight tucked in sheets, even draping of covers, and pillows fluffed to perfection with give your bed that luxurious feel of a spa.

The Nightstands and Tables:

Remove everything off of the nightstands and tables. Toss out trash and put other random items back in their place. If your nightstands do not have drawers use a nice basket under or near to house items that you use regularly (like your favorite book or T.V. remote)

Really address the cleanliness of the night stands and tables. Use polish if needed, and remove any sticky stains from food or drinks. Address any lamps you have throughout the room.

When finished cleaning the nightstands and tables, think of a high end hotel. Search throughout your home for candles or a nice tray you can use on the table. Perhaps pick one or two of your favorite photos and display them in your relaxing space.

The chairs or other furniture:

Collect all clothing around your room and either hang it up or launder it. Use a link brush to remove hair and dust from upholstered furniture. Use wood polish where needed. Once your furniture is uncluttered and cleaned, go back to your thought of a perfect spa retreat area. Place a lamp next to the chair and a throw blanket over the corner.  Your once stressful cluttered area becomes a cozy reading nook.

The windows:

Open the blinds and let the natural light in. Use window cleaner and remove all the dirt and grime so that your beautiful view shines through. Wash curtains, or if they are really worn out, toss them out and pick up a new set.

The walls and ceiling:

Take the time to remove cob webs and dust from the walls, hanging pictures or artwork, and ceilings. Use an extension microfiber dust mop to address high areas. Use an all-purpose cleaner to freshen up light switch plates and any stains on the walls or base boards.

The Floors:

Sweep or vacuum every inch of your floor. Pay close attention to the corners of your room and under your bed. Move things out of the way and get behind furniture. Use a microfiber mop and all-purpose cleaner to give your floors a thorough cleaning.

The Air:

Refresh your room with a high quality air freshener, and give yourself the spa like bedroom you deserve.

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