The Fancy Car Wash

The Fancy Car Wash

11 May 2018

We love our cars and we spend so much time in them. Remember when you bought your car? You wanted it so bad, and you bought it with the idea that it would always look new…then reality set in.

Remove the lived in look:

We spend so much time in our cars that they take on an extension of our homes. That means clutter builds up. Removing the clutter is a huge part of bringing this environment into a healthy state.

Address the windows:

The windows in our cars build up dirt faster than we know. Giving our windows a good clean with glass cleaner is a step in the right direction. Don’t forget the back windows.

The doors:

Dust collects in our cars just like our homes. Taking the time to remove this dust and germs will bring back the life of our environment.

Vacuum and clean the carpets:

Sand, dirt, and other particles will collect in the carpeting of our cars. Vacuuming these out will give our cars a new look and feel.

Having a clean car is an awesome way to spend the summer. Give up some time and attack this well used vehicle. You will be surprised how quickly your drive to work will improve with a new car feel.

Is your car in need of a professional cleaning?

We are here for you!!

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Make sure your car is a Healthy Environment!

Make 2018 Your Year of The New Car Feel!!!

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