Let The Music Guide You

Let The Music Guide You

06 July 2018

Ok, we understand, cleaning is boring. We spend so much time cleaning just to have it all get dirty again. Having a regular ABC Cleaning is a great way to forget about it, and enjoy life.

However if you are still in that mindset that you are going to clean it all yourself, then you are going to need some music.

Music is an awesome way to keep you on track with your cleaning schedule. Assign a song to each task and clean your way to the beat. Once your mind associates each song with a cleaning task, you just might find you start cleaning every time you hear that song. Don’t tell your friends your songs or you might find them playing your music when you come to their house…

Here are some ideas:

Queen, “Another One Bites the Dust” is a great song to dust too. It is about 3 minutes and 40 seconds long which is just enough time to dust off one area of your home. Your TV, your desk, or the pictures on your walls.

Eminem, “Cleaning Out My Closet” offers a soulful story of purging and cleaning out your stuff. Whether you are cleaning out the kitchen cabinets or your overstuffed walk in closet, you’ll spend the 5 minutes of this song on a mission.

OutKast, “Roses” is a 6 minute song that might have you enjoying cleaning the bathroom. If nothing else it will bring a smile to your face as you scour the shower.

Rihanna, “Diamonds” is great to polish the silverware or some other task that requires elbow grease. Give this 4 minute 40 second song a chance and clean your way to a sparkle.

Rose Royce, “Car Wash” goes old school and offers an amazing 3 and ½ minutes perfect for wiping down the inside of your car. Pair it with a few other songs and your car will sparkling in no time.

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Make 2018 Your Year Of The Musical Clean!

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