National Kids Day

National Kids Day

08 August 2018

Our kids mean the world to us, and having an unofficial National Holiday for them seems like the perfect opportunity to spend some extra time on their Healthy Environment.

Below are some fun kid space ideas that will show your kids how much you care.

Ask Your Kids:

Our kid’s rooms tend to get the least amount of change. Taking some time to talk with our kids about what works and doesn’t work in their space is a great way to not only spend time with our kids, but to give them something fresh and updated.

Update storage:

Kids need a lot of storage for all the stuff they have. Updating how they store their things gives their space a fresh new organization option. Look to ideas like shelves on the walls, stack able baskets, and closet organizers. When working on a budget, look to rearranging current storage. Placing little used items in the closet frees up space in their room for everyday items.

Purge for a cause:

Letting your kids help you to purge out old clothes, toys, and items no longer needed gives your kids the sense they can help other kids. Make a National Kids Day Purging Session a fun, loving, and thoughtful process.

Move the furniture around:

Sometimes just moving things around can give your kids a sense of growing up. Move the bed from one side to the other. Flip the comforter over to a different pattern. If you have two kids sharing the same space, let them switch sides of the room for a fresh take on their space.

Decorate the walls:

Kids love to display their art work or favorite posters. Let your kids design a wall or corner of their room for a personal touch. When kids are involved in the process, they appreciate it more.

National Kids Day, is a great time to spend time with your kids learning what they want in their space. Chances are if  you create a beautiful Healthy Environment together, they will be more likely to keep it clean, at least we hope.

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Make 2018 Your Kids Year!

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