Emergency?  ABC to the Rescue!

Emergency? ABC to the Rescue!

09 August 2018

One definition of an Emergency is simply when the unexpected needs immediate attention. Throughout our lives emergencies happen, usually, at the most unexpected and inconvenient timing. In reality when we think all is lost, all we need to do is call ABC Sales & Services. We are highly skilled in most emergency areas.

A simple list of ideas to keep in mind:

Before and After Party Clean Up:

Planning a Holiday party in itself is time consuming. Between sending out the invitations and preparing the food, little time is left for the cleanup. Having our staff attend to your pre-party cleaning needs will give you that perfectly sanitized party venue, and then post-party we can bring your environment right back to perfect. What an amazing sense of relief to have those party emergencies drift away.

Water Removal:

The rainy season is upon us and that means every little leak we have is dripping moisture. Once those leaks are addressed, the emergency of drying out the water, addressing the mold, and getting back to your healthy environment becomes a high priority. ABC Sales & Services will be your hero, give us a call and we will bring your environment back to healthy; no stress, leave it to the best.

Boat Cleaning:

Is it time for the “Season” to begin or end? The lineup for tourists coming to the island is looking promising. Your charter business is one of many on the Island and customers are looking for the “Best” experience possible. Charter turnover can happen fast. Sometimes the same day one family is tipping you off the dock, another family is on their way to climb onboard. Spending your time at the dock cleaning and sanitizing from one guest to the next can take up any relaxation time you might have to enjoy. Scheduling ABC Sales & Services to be there as your guests leave, will not only completely sanitize your vessel, but will extend the longevity of the interior of your vessel. Regular carpet cleaning and wood work reduces the wear and tear on these areas. The compliments from your guests on the beauty of your vessel will shine through word of mouth, offering you more income and less work.

Unexpected Guests:

We live on an Island, in paradise, and we have friends and family living in the states or on other islands. At any given moment we could have guests coming to enjoy all the offerings of our beautiful homes. No need to fret and rush around in a panic. Give ABC Sales & Services a call and your living space will be stunning. Even the smallest of living spaces will look like the fanciest of hotels once we are done.

New Baby:

The last thing any new parent wants to do is clean the house. Spending time with that new bundle of joy is the only thing on a family’s mind. At this time more than ever a sanitized environment is a must, not only for the family, but for the new life just now taking their first breathes.

The Ultimate Gift:

Have you ever had to buy a gift for someone and you have no idea what to get. Perhaps you and your friends are pooling your money together to get a nicer gift, but you are still in awe at what to get. Maybe the gift is for a wedding, baby shower, your parents 50th Anniversary. Give ABC a call and book a fantastic Ultimate Gift Experience. This top to bottom complete healthy environment gift will be the best gift you ever gave. When we are done, you will probably want one for yourself!

Whatever the emergency you have in front of you, ABC Sales & Services can help you through it, and back to your healthy environment.

Give ABC Sales & Services a call today 340-774-1073 or visit our Services page and leave the next emergency to us.

Make 2018 Your Year Of Clean!!

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