Motivation To Succeed

Motivation To Succeed

23 August 2018

Busy, busy, busy; our lives are full with everything we do and our list of wants is getting longer and longer. Sometimes, getting motivated to take care of our own Environment takes a back seat to our everyday responsibilities. The cycle continues with our not so healthy environment contributing to our lack of motivation.

Below are 5 motivational ideas to assist you in getting back to your Healthy Environment.

Give ABC Sales & Services a call.

By having our trained staff come out and assess your environment for free, you will have a much clearer understanding of the areas you think need attention. Our staff is trained to identify areas of your home that are in an unhealthy state. By working with you to create a cleaning schedule that will fit your budget, you can take on the tasks that you are comfortable with and leave the rest to us.

Meditate about your environment.

Is your living space a tranquil place that you can easily relax in? If not pick one area at a time and work toward making each area a place you want to spend time in.

Reward yourself.

When you work you get paid, so when we work on our own environment we should get paid as well. Set goals for yourself each week and at the completion of each goal reward yourself. Rewards can be as simple as a nice bath in your freshly cleaned bathroom or a meal out to celebrate a sparkling clean kitchen.

Put larger tasks on a periodic schedule.

Cleaning gutters, carpets, and pressure washing the outside of your house are not tasks that are done every day or week. But scheduling these into your life will ensure they are done on a regular basis.

Invite a friend over to help you out.

Cleaning is much easier to tackle when we are having fun doing it. Having your best friend come over and help you tackle these tasks will motivate you to keep it up. Celebrate with a bottle of wine and swap houses each week. One week your friend comes to help at your house, the next week you go to your friend’s house.

Stay motivated to live in a Healthy Environment

Here's To A Healthier You.

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