Preparing For 2019 Part Three:

Preparing For 2019 Part Three:

06 September 2018

There are lots of things to do on a regular basis to help you make your environment the healthiest in 2019.

This week let’s continue our talk about preparing for our 2019 plan. This is part three of a four-part series and when we are done we are sure you will be ready for your year of clean 2019.

The three-month purge.

Our “seasons” revolve around the tourist seasons, so follow the tourist schedule. At the beginning of every third month (Jan, April, July, and Oct) go through your closets and dresser drawers. Refold all the linens and clothing. Toss out or donate to charity any items not used or needed. Straighten out your bathroom vanity. By putting these often over looked areas on your schedule you will be much more organized and less stressed.

Wash windows thoroughly, including the sills.

Monthly wash the windows for a clear view, but quarterly wash the windows inside and out and include the window sills. Let the sun shine in through the seasons by keeping your home's panes sparkling.

Make doormats welcoming.

If you don’t have a door mat, give us a call and give yourself one. A door mat is your first defense in stopping all that dirt and sand from entering your home or office. Door mats receive a lot of use so quarterly give them a detailed cleaning.

Vacuum air conditioner ducts.

Vacuum air conditioning vents and ducts to keep air circulating freely and to save energy

Lighten up.

Help your energy-efficient bulbs shine. Remove the covers on those ceiling lighting fixtures and wash the inside as well as the outside. Don’t forget the light bulbs. A few minutes with a stepladder, an all-purpose cleanser, and a microfiber cloth will give new light to your life.

Wash up.

Wash walls, cabinets, baseboards and woodwork. The walls may not look dirty, but dust and cob webs cling to walls and cabinets. Making a resolution to give your healthy environment a thorough cleaning every three months will enhance your health and make your beautiful space shine.

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Make 2018 Your Year Of Clean!!!

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