Squeegee Out The Rain

Squeegee Out The Rain

12 September 2018

Clean up is easy with the Unger® Tile Squeegee - 14" dual white moss, soft, rubber blades. For tiles and uneven surfaces. Attaches to all Unger[R] Poles.

Our homes are filled with tile floors, and when the heavy rains come having a easy to use squeegee will make cleaning up a breeze.

Include some Clean By Peroxy to make all your cleaning quick and easy.

Clean by Peroxy is made of environmentally friendly compounds that lower the surface tension of dirt and grease on countertop/counters, tables & chairs, walls, mirrors, windows, restrooms, tile, and grout. Clean by Peroxy releases the bond that dirt and grease have with the surface enabling a quick and easy wipe to crystal clean surfaces.

Clean by Peroxy comes in easy to handle concentrated gallon jugs and is easily diluted in cold water to provide maximum cleaning power. This biodegradable unique product is all you need to replace the clutter of a long list of more expensive products.

Clean by Peroxy will replace your glass cleaner, tub and shower cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, floor mopping products, grease removal products, wall cleaning products, as well as tile and grout cleaning products.

The days of trying to decide which solution are best for which area in your home or offices are past. Clean by Peroxy is concentrated which makes it very economical to use. Clean by Peroxy is safe for your family and the environment. Clean by Peroxy has a pleasant fresh spring rain fragrance which will leave your cleaning area free of dirt and grease. When it comes to reducing clutter, saving money, and maintaining a healthy clean environment there is no better choice, Clean by Peroxy.

ABC Cares About Your Healthy Environment

Call ABC Sales & Services today 340-774-1073 or visit our Catalog Page to simplify your life as you discover all the benefits a squeegee and Clean by Peroxy will offer you.

From your first free delivery you will never want to go back to spending hundreds of dollars on all those individual expensive products.

Make 2018 Your Year Of Clean!!

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