ABC Green Building Maintenance Program (ABC-GB)

ABC Green Building Maintenance Program (ABC-GB)

21 September 2018

Are you looking for an environmentally healthy alternative to cleaning your business?  Below is ABC Sales and Services information on our Green Building option.


The intent of ABC-GB is to meet all of the scope of work requirements while reducing the exposure of personnel and building occupants to potentially hazardous products, equipment or procedures which could adversely affect human health and the environment, indoors and outdoors.

The program was developed to assist ABC customers to maintain a more sustainable environment. The full program ensures that ABC will provide (by cost) 60%+ of the chemicals and equipment used will be green seal approved (or equivalent), a dilution Control System to minimize chemical use to the maximum extent possible, and microfiber tools and mops and cloths will be utilized in the cleaning process. In addition the fully integrated program encourages the customer to maintain paper and trash bag purchases at a 50% (by cost) and 60% (by cost) of the hand soap to be green seal level.


The standard ABC Quality Assurance policy and Communication Policy shall govern the ABC-GB program. In addition to the standard policies and procedures, the ABC-GB program will offer services based on the principle that the chemicals used in the sanitizing and disinfecting of the site will be at a level no less than 60% (by Cost) Green Seal level. The equipment used will maintain a level or 60% or higher Certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI’S) Green Label Vacuum Cleaner program and operate at a sound level of 70dBA or less.

Paper Products, trash liners, and hand soap purchased for use by the customer will be encourage utilizing sustainable products. The ideal goal encourages ABC-GB program customer sites to maintain paper and trash liner products at 50% green and hand soaps at 60% green. Although these purchases are not in our control, we will discuss with the customer options so that they can make educated decisions on the availability of the compliant products we sell.


This section will outline the ABC-GB criteria for choosing sustainable chemicals and a list of chemicals to be used in the program. The purchasing of chemicals for will be

based on the ability of the product to meet all of the scope of work requirements while reducing the exposure of personnel and building occupants to potentially hazardous products.

The following are typical criteria for environmentally preferable cleaning chemicals:

- Low VOC - Low toxicity

- More moderate pH (4-11) - Concentrates & dilution control

- Low odor - Readily biodegradable

- Work in cold water - No carcinogens

- Multiple use products - No heavy metal floor finishes

- Products derived from renewable resources

- Products in recyclable packaging

Approved Chemicals:

The following sustainable products will be used while preforming ABC-GB contracted cleaning services:

• Clean By Peroxy (for indoor services and outdoor pressure washing)

• GS Neutral Disinfectant

• Consume (for specialty issues such as odor control, drain maintenance)

The following non-sustainable products are allowed as long as usage does not exceed 40% of the overall cost of the service. These products will be reduced as sustainable product are introduced and are proven to be as (or more) effective.

• Citro Shield Polish

• Germicidal

• Glass Cleaner


• SD-20

• Shake Down Powder

No other new products will be introduced unless they are Green Seal approved. The ideal goal is that all ABC-GB program locations will have minimal chemicals that are non-sustainable.

Dilution control system:

The ABC-GB will utilize the Clean on the Go Chemical Management System for dispensing chemical products. The system is comprised of multiple dispensing options to allow ABC-GB the greatest flexibility, economy and effectiveness. This system allows for the control of usage of the sustainable chemicals in both gallon size and clean on the go bottles.


The equipment utilized in the ABC-GB will be at a level of 60% (by purchase cost) environmental preferability criteria. The equipment will reduce the impact on the building and the environmental while continuing to deliver economical and effective results.

The following sustainable products will be used while preforming ABC-GB contracted cleaning services:

• Windsor Vacuum Sensor XP 12

• Windsor Dominator 17

• Windsor Lightning 2000

The following non-sustainable equipment is allowed as long as usage does not exceed 40% of the overall cost of the service. This equipment will be reduced as sustainable products are introduced and are proven to be as (or more) effective.

• Clark 1700

No other new equipment will be introduced unless they meet environmental preferability criteria. The ideal goal is that all ABC-GB program locations will have minimal equipment that is non-sustainable.


• Vacuum cleaners (backpack or up-right) – CRI certified or HEPA filtration; sound level of less than 70 dBA

• Carpet extractors – CRI certified or capable of producing maximum 24 hr. drying times

• Floor machines and burnishers – vacuums to capture fine soil particles; sound level of less than 70dBA

• Propane floor equipment – high-efficiency, low emission engines; sound level of less than 90 dBA

• Automatic scrubbers – variable speed pumps to optimize the use of cleaning fluids

• Battery powered equipment - equipped with environmentally preferable gel batteries.

• Equipment is ergonomically designed to minimize vibration, noise, user fatigue and contain safeguards, such as rollers or rubber bumpers, to reduce potential damage to building surfaces.

Equipment Maintenance log:

ABC-GB will maintain purchasing records and maintenance logs for each piece of equipment in the facility.

Items to include in the maintenance log:

• Location of facility

• Date purchased or introduced to the facility

• Routine maintenance dates

• Record of repairs

• Additional user training needed

Floor Care log:

ABC-GB will maintain Floor Care logs for each ABC-GB program site. The log will detail:

• The number of coats of floor finish applied as base and top coats

• Scheduled maintenance and restoration procedures and dates

Carpet Care Log:

ABC-GB will maintain Carpet Care logs for each ABC-GB program site. The log will detail:

• Scheduled maintenance and restoration procedures and dates


Disposable Paper and Plastic Bags:

Another ingredient of a successful green cleaning program is the consistent use of environmentally preferable disposable paper and trash bags. The ABC-GB program will encourage customers to utilize products containing the listed below.


• Be certified by Green Seal or Environmental Choice, or

• Meet the requirements of the alternative Qualification (independent documentation verifying that the product meets the applicable criteria), or

• Comply with the U.S. Environment Protection Agency’s Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for Janitorial Paper and Plastic Trash Can Liners, or

• Be derived from rapidly renewable resources or made from tree-free fibers.

ABC-GB recognizes we are not in 100% control over the products our customer’s choose to purchase for their organization. However we do feel a sense of responsibility to keep an adequate inventory of sustainable products and to encourage our customers to be well informed when making their paper and plastic bag purchases. The ideal goal is for the site to utilize 50% or more sustainable paper and plastic bag products.

Microfiber cloths and mops:

The use of micro fiber cloths, mops is another method to lessen the impact on health and the environment. The following products will be used in the ABC-GB program.

• Microfiber cloths are color coded per site for distinctive usage.

• Microfiber moping system.

• Restroom care, microfiber cloths, pads and mops are color coded only for restroom usage.

• Microfiber High Dusting tool

Maintenance procedures for the microfiber consist of single usage and weekly washing to reduce pollutants and ensure full function capability.

Other tools and supplies:

At times it is recognized that other tools may be needed to preform specific functions. When this occurs all precautions will be taken to reduce the adverse effect on human health and the environment, indoors and outdoors.

Hand Washing:

Proper hand washing is very important to limiting the growth of harmful microorganisms and the spread of infection and disease. Practicing good hand washing skills is one of the best routines ABC-GB can do for our staff and customers.

Although ABC-GB is not in 100% control of our customer’s hand washing routine, we do feel a sense of responsibility to encourage and educate the proper techniques.

Proper Hand Washing Techniques

• Everyone should get in the routine of washing your hands frequently throughout the day, especially after the following activities:

• Visiting the restrooms

• Sneezing or coughing

• Removing gloves

• Handling money

• Coming into contact with people who have colds or viruses

• Visiting or touching public areas or items such as grocery carts, pay phones, restaurants and cafeterias and

• Gather paper towels if they are available.

• Wet hands with warm water. Warm water ensures that you get optimal lather for effective cleansing.

• Place soap in your palm. Be sure to use an amount the size of a nickel.

• Using vigorous friction, lather both hands and wrists completely for 15 to 30 seconds. An amusing, yet helpful habit is to sing the Happy Birthday song to yourself. Be sure to cover all surfaces of your hands, including the backs and between the fingers.

• Rinse thoroughly, making the water run downward off the skin.

• Dry hands completely with paper towels or an air dryer.

• Remember, you contaminate yourself the moment you touch another surface. So avoid touching areas as much as possible. Use a paper towel to turn off faucets and open exit doors.

In the absence of water, an alcohol hand sanitizer can be used.

Measuring/Diluting Concentrated Cleaning Products:

• Use appropriate protective equipment when mixing concentrated cleaning products, consult MSDS sheet.

• Follow manufacturer’s dilution directions. Don not under- or – over-dilute concentrated cleaning products.

• Make sure that spray bottles (secondary containers) have appropriate labels.

• Never mix different cleaning products together.

• Create product selection wall charts.

Safety Issues:

The standard safety policies govern the ABC-GB program as well. Maintaining a safe environment, understand the MSDS per chemical, knowledge on spill containment, blood borne pathogens, sharps, are all part of the overall policy of ABC Sales and Services.


Currently the US Virgin Islands does not engage in a formal garbage recycling program. Although ABC-GB program is not required to develop a program for recycling, we do feel it is our responsibility to support any programs that are developed either through local municipality or through the private efforts of our service contract sites.

In general, ABC Sales and Services engages in the recycling and reduction of use in the following waste. We utilize a cistern to recycle rain water for use in our warehouse restroom and eye wash stations. We have landscaped our warehouse property with fruit trees for temperature reduction. We use recycled paper products and do not use plastic liners in most garbage cans. We also engage in powering off at night including lights, air conditioners, and computers.

Tracking Results:

The ABC-GB program will adhere to the general quality assurance plan and communication plan of ABC Sales and Services, including inspections and quarterly survey of ABC-GB program sites.

ABC Sales & Services Cares About Your Healthy Environment

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