Shop Online On Your Time

Shop Online On Your Time

27 September 2018

What is the ABC Online Catalog?

Our catalog is web based and offers you the opportunity to set up an account with us. Once you have a user name and log in you will be able to browse and search for products, learn more information on each product, see pictures of the products, an much more. You can request quotes on products for pricing and usage planning. You can place orders directly, saving time and creating a convenient shopping experience.

How do I pay for orders online?

When you contact us to set up your user name and log in you will set up a payment option. We offer C.O.D, cash, credit cards, and a 30 day billing option pending approval.

How do I set up an online account?

Call us at 340-774-1073 and ask to create an online account. Our helpful and friendly staff will walk you through the process and train you on the many benefits of using the online catalog.

What are the benefits of using the online catalog for my orders?

The online catalog system offers the user the ability to track orders, print reports, track usage and reorder information. These reports can assist in budget planning and loss prevention. Having the ability to pull up and track your purchasing history at anytime from anywhere, offers the user real time information that can save money.

Why is it better for me to use the online ordering?

We offer over 1000 products that you can see and learn about. Users have many options to place and track orders, receive merchandise quickly, shop 24/7, save ordering information, create multiple users for same billing account, create multiple delivery addresses for same billing account, and the user can type in specific notes on each order with important information regarding the order.

ABC Sales & Services cares about your Healthy Environment

Give ABC Sales & Services a call at 340-774-1073 to set up your online user name and password

Then visit our catalog and enjoy your shopping experience.

ABC is the only CIMS and CIMS-GB Certified business in the USVI.

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