Odor Elimination!

Odor Elimination!

21 February 2019

Our Healthy Environments include the air and smells around us. Having the tools to eliminate odors and refresh the air around us goes a long way in giving our healthy environments a sense of tranquility.

Airlift's aerosol formulation incorporates raw material ingredients which function to eliminate odors. These special ingredients assist the initial control of offensive odors caused by stale smoke, mildew, urine, and vomit. Airlift may be sprayed on most surfaces not harmed by water. Air freshening may be accomplished by simply pushing the button on the aerosol can and spraying in the air or on surfaces requiring a deodorant. Airlift may be sprayed on carpet when extra carpet freshness is desired.

AIRLIFT liquid is a water-soluble deodorant formulated to control and eliminate unpleasant odors whenever and wherever they occur. It is coral pink in color and has a rich floral fragrance. Formulated to bring outdoor freshness indoors. AIRLIFT Tropical, when used in conjunction with a regularly scheduled cleaning and disinfecting program, eliminates most odors caused by people, pets, food, and other sources. AIRLIFT mixes well with hot or cold water permitting a wide variety of deodorizing applications. Use it on or around most surfaces not harmed by water.

Airlift Citrus is an easy to use in a spray bottle. This water-soluble air freshener is formulated to eliminate unpleasant odors. While regularly scheduled cleaning and disinfecting procedures eliminate the soils and bacteria which cause most odors; people, pets, food, and accidents cause odors which permeate surfaces, making the air unpleasant. Airlift Citrus is Spartan's solution to a range of commonly encountered offensive odors requiring control.

Whether you prefer aerosol, liquid, or in a spray bottle, we have an Airlift product for you.

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Make 2019 Your Environments Year Of Odor Elimination!

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