Carnival Preparation Time

Carnival Preparation Time

27 February 2019

Carnival is a month long busy adventure, and leaves little time for our own healthy environments. We find ourselves going to work and then rushing to go to the next event, and before we know it the fireworks have ended and we are left with the after mess.

Let’s go through the tasks of preparing for the busy month of Carnival and when we are done, we will have less stress and enjoy ourselves.

Prepare for the chaos:

If you or someone in your household will be in Carnival this year, your healthy environment is about to be turned upside down. Costumes, makeup, props and other things required for the adventure will need to be put on and taken off daily.

Preparing now for this clutter will greatly improve you Carnival experience.

Designate one room in your home for the dressing and storage of these items. Take the time now to clean this room. Dust, sweep, vacuum, and remove all clutter. Set up a table with a mirror for getting ready. Clear out sufficient room in the closet to hang up costumes. Make sure there is a clock in the room to keep track of time while getting ready.

Stock the pantry and refrigerator:

Taking the time before Carnival begins to prepare meals in advance, clean up, and stock up on healthy food options will give you’re the energy to make it through the month of Carnival. Click Here for tips on quick pick up ideas.

Put together snack packs to grab on the go. Nuts, raisins, hard boiled eggs, carrots and other fresh veggies stored in snack size zip lock baggies will ensure that even if you rush home from work and rush right out again, you will be able to grab some healthy nourishment on the way out the door.

Give your car some love:

If your car will also be involved in Carnival, having it detailed will make it shine and look brand new. If your car is not going to be in Carnival, you still will be spending a lot of time in it going to each of the events. Nothing worse than carpooling to an event only to have your car guests have to move all your clutter to get inside.

Get some exercise:

Carnival is a very busy time and our bodies will be dancing, walking, and standing for long periods of time. Getting in some stretching and stamina building exercise will ensure that your body stays in a healthy environment during the month.

Everything from yoga to just taking a long walk will build up your muscles for the challenges of Carnival.

Drink lots of water:

Our bodies are 60% water and everything we do burns water. Staying hydrated does not mean drinking water only when we are thirsty; it means drinking water on a regular basis. Would you only fill your car’s gas tank when it runs out of gas? Giving your body a regular dose of water will decrease muscle fatigue, muscle cramps, and heat related illness like heat stroke and headaches.

ABC cares about your Carnival Experience.

Leave the dirt to us!

There is just way too much fun to be had and little time for anything else.

We hear you loud and clear.

If you need any help give us a call us a call at 340-774-1073.

We are here for your every step of the way.

Make 2019 Carnival The Healthiest!!!

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