Spring Is In The Air

Spring Is In The Air

13 March 2019

The Tourist Season is in full swing, and that means spring is in the air. Have you noticed the white little moths hanging out around your flowers?

There is something about the fresh spring air that was just made for cleaning the house. The temperature is perfect for opening up the doors and windows, and airing out our healthy environments.

Let’s break down the tasks involved in spring cleaning, and when we are done our Healthy Environments will shine like the springtime.

Invite the sun in:

There are a huge amount of benefits to opening up the windows, and letting the fresh air in. This is especially true for those of us who run our air conditioner on a regular basis. By letting the trade winds do the work, allergens and stale air are naturally refreshed.

Wash the ceiling and walls:

Unlike general cleaning, spring cleaning is a more involved, intense, and concentrated effort. Taking down all of your pictures and art work from the walls; dusting and mopping the walls from top to bottom, will make a huge impact on the health of your environment.

If your ceilings are high pitched and wood beamed, using a wood cleaning product will bring out the natural grain of the wood, giving your home a polished look.

Develop the give or keep system:

Spring cleaning is also a time to purge out all the unused or unwanted items we have clogging up our closets, drawers, and cabinets.

Grab a couple of boxes or bags and go through each item. Physically touch each item and consciously decide is it something you will keep or give away. When we hold onto something that has no use (whether real or sentimental) we engage in a form of hoarding.

Once you can develop a “keep or give away” routine your island space will begin to be larger, and maintaining the things you really want will be easier.

Wash the washer and de-lint the dryer:

The washing machine and the dryer are one of the most used items in our appliance collection. Give your washing machine a wash by running an empty load with some white vinegar. This will freshen up the machine and remove any dirt lingering.

Having a dryer full of lint is a FIRE hazard. Cleaning out the lint trap on a regular basis is a must, but also detaching the link exhaust and vacuuming out the lint will not only increase the longevity of the machine, but will reduce the hazard as well. If your lint exhaust is so packed with lint, replace it.

The few dollars to replace is nothing compared to the loss due to a fire.

Spring cleaning is a time to renew our Healthy Environments. It’s the time to engage in a deeper cleaning, a wider spectrum of tasks, and a purging of the old, to enjoy the new.

ABC Sales & Services cares about your healthy environment

Tackling these deep cleaning tasks can be overwhelming and seem like it will take forever.

ABC Sales & Services is here for you.

Give us a call at 340-774-1073 or visit our service estimate page.

Spring Cleaning the ABC way is:

  • A Time Saver
  • Big Money Saving (we supply everything)
  • Calm and Stress Relieving

Make Spring 2019 Your Time For A Healthy Clean!!!

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