The Clutter Spot

The Clutter Spot

24 May 2019

We all have that one drawer in our homes that is the catch all for the bits and pieces we affectionately call our junk.

You know, that one drawer that holds the odds and ends we think we will need someday, only to find out it sits there for years with no real purpose.

So what to do about this abyss of stuff, and how do we keep from filling the drawer back up with more stuff?

First if the drawer is removable take it completely out of the cabinet. Chances are you may find more stuff lodged behind the drawer.

Set the garbage can next to the drawer and start tossing things out. If things in the drawer are truly useful set them aside, but for the most part, anything that has been in the drawer for months or years is not something you will ever need.

For small items that you must keep, use small plastic containers or jars with lids to house these items.

If you are holding onto instruction books for appliances that are more than a year old, they are probably useless. If you really want to keep them, create a file for them and store with your other files.

Once you have the drawer empty, clean it. Use and all-purpose cleaner and microfiber cloth and clean the inside and outside of the drawer. Make sure to pay close attention to the inside corners, removing all dirt and dust.

When putting the drawer back, only place things in the drawer you will need on a regular basis. Containers of odd nuts and bolts can be stored in a closet.

Clearing out the junk and freeing up the drawer space goes a long way to giving your healthy environment a boost.

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Make 2019 Your Clutter Free Year!!!

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