The Sneaky Spots

The Sneaky Spots

15 August 2019

When we look to our environments we see the usual areas to address, the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. But what about the areas our family comes in contact with every day that we never address.

Kids Board Games:

If you have children then you know that board games offer a fun filled afternoon or evening of entertainment. But when is the last time you cleaned these germ breeding zones? Board games come with many parts including the board, playing pieces, cards, and even the box they come in. Taking the time to use hard surface wipes on the components of each game will ensure the next time it is game night your family will remain healthy laying the game.

CDs and DVDs:

What better way to spend a sick day then lying in bed and watching a good movie or listening to your favorite music. But when is the last time you disinfected the cases? Germs harbor on hard surfaces and are transferred back to you the next time you pick them up. Taking the time to address these areas will make sure you are not re-infecting yourself or your family.

Remote Controls:

We are a society of remote controls. Whether you use one for your TV, Stereo, or Gaming Systems, germs are collecting and waiting. Making sure you disinfect these often used controls will give you the control over the germs harbored there.

Door Knobs:

We have discussed door knobs before, but it deserves repeating. The average house has 6-12 door knobs including both sides of each door. These knobs are the first and last thing we touch coming into our homes and leaving our homes. Paying attention to the sanitation of these areas will give our healthy environments a much needed boost in germ removal.

Taking the time to think about the hidden areas of your home that collect germs is a proactive step toward making sure your home or office is in the healthiest state it can be in.

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