Enhancing Your Child's Remote Learning Experience

Enhancing Your Child's Remote Learning Experience

19 August 2020

All of us who have children or Nieces and Nephews know the joy that spending time with them can bring. Whether you are cooking dinner or cleaning up the house, taking the time to become a team and tackle an experience brings a new sense of closeness.

Below are some ideas to get you started:


Clutter builds up fast and having a little helper can make the process of cleaning up a fun game. Pick areas that the child will be interested in such as their school papers or their room. When children have an adult help them clean up they learn that cleaning up can go quickly and be fun.

Mop the floor:

With a little help getting the mop and bucket ready, kids can feel empowered when mopping the floor. Teaching kids the importance of keeping the floor clean can be a life long lesson that they can pass on to their children.

Removing the dust:

Put on an old pair of socks and make a game whose socks can get the dirtiest. Using old socks to dust will not only clean your environment but will also produce the wonderful sound of laughter.

Reorganize the drawers and cabinets:

Asking kids their opinion on where things should go creates a strong sense that their opinion matters. Going through their dresser drawers and refolding clothes and letting them pick which drawer is the sock drawer gets them involved in keeping their room neat and tidy.

Make dinner and clean up the dishes:

Having our kids in the kitchen teaches a valuable skill of learning to cook. Making simple dishes that they can help with and then cleaning up the kitchen together goes a long way in building these valuable life skills.

Have fun:

What ever tasks you take on with the kids in your life can create a fun one on one time for you both. Make it special. The reward is the bond you create. Over time you will be surprise when the kids ask you “What should we clean today?”

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