Treat Guests Like Family

Treat Guests Like Family

09 September 2020

The one thing we know how to do in the USVI is pamper our guests.  Whether you are a luxury charter boat, hotel, renting a room or home out through Airbnb, or just hosting guests for the season offering the little extras is what makes us stand out.  After a day in the sun having high quality bath and hair products will increase your guests relaxation and pleasure.

This collection contains a high quality moisturizing formula and has rapidly become one of our favorite collections at ABC Sales & Services. The size of the product appeals to most hotels, the scent is lovely and inviting (Cucumber/Melon), the shampoo lathers extremely well, and for those hotels wanting to "go green" this is the perfect option for them. If you are living at the beach, selling to or hosting guests, this entire collection is the one for you! The packaging has a wonderful crisp, fresh and "beach holiday' feel to it and a clean fresh presence.

ecorite™ Body Bar - 1 oz.

Item # AM013

ecorite™ Shampoo - 1 oz.

Item # AM010

ecorite™ Conditioner - 1 oz.

Item # AM011

ecorite™ Hand & Body Lotion - 1 oz.

Item # AM012

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Stock up on The Ecorite Collection for all your guest's grooming needs

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