A Charitable Moment

A Charitable Moment

23 September 2020

We are a giving island society, and when we have the chance to help others we dig deep into #VISTRONG mode. 

Today let’s go through some easy ideas that you can do to not only help other islanders this Holiday Season, but also help yourself get ready for the new things you will receive this year.

There are several charitable organizations on the islands.  From local animal shelter resale shops, to food banks and homeless shelters.  All of us have lots of stuff that we can purge and donate to these causes.  Perhaps you are in need of some extra funds this season.  Instead of donating your items, sell them yourself.

Creating a plan before you start will give you a direction and relieve any undo stress.  Using different boxes or bags for the different types of donations can help. 

For example: Food items that are not expired, but not of use to you could be donated to a food bank, while a gently used blanket could be donated to the homeless. 

The easiest way to organization your purge is to go through one area at a time. 

The Pantry:

We all stock up during the summer in case of a storm.  Our pantries are full to the brim with extra supplies of quick meals and easy to cook staples.  Now is the time to go through the expiration dates on those supplies.  Toss out expired food items.  Donate items nearing expiration that you will not be using soon.  Begin to use items from the storm kit before buying new. 

The Closet:

Your children are growing fast.  Soon new clothes will be purchased.  Going through your children’s clothes now and donating clothes and shoes they have out grown will help another family prepare for the gift giving season and will open up drawer space in your child’s room.

Going through our own closets and clothing drawers gives us the opportunity to help out others and organize our spaces.  Donating to strangers or charities helps a lot, but also think to your friends and family.  Perhaps you have a friend that has always liked a particular outfit or piece of jeweler you wear.  Giving to others makes us feel good and opens up more space for new things we want.

The Cabinets:

Take before and after pictures so you can see your progress and really appreciate the time and effort you are putting into your healthy environment.

Organize in a way that makes sense to you.

Combine similar things together.

Declutter the junk drawer and toss out unused or unwanted items.

Use a charity box to downsize the amount of dishes, glasses, or other items you have.

The Junk Drawer:

We all have that one drawer in our homes that is the catch all for the bits and pieces we affectionately call our junk.

You know that one place that holds the odds and ends that we think we will need someday, only to find out it sits there for years with no real purpose.

So what to do about this abyss of junk, how about donate the extra stuff? 

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Make 2020 Your Year Of Giving!!!

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