Save Your Coffee Money

Save Your Coffee Money

18 December 2020

A lot of people like a cup (or two) of coffee in the morning but buying coffee out every day can add up quickly, so the option of having a coffee pot at home is a must.

Daily use of a coffee pot means regular cleaning of the appliance.

So how do you clean a coffee pot?

Here are some simple steps to ensure your coffee pot is clean and in working order and that your morning coffee tastes just as good as the last cup.


White Vinegar


Fresh Filter

Clean By Peroxy

Cleaning the inside:

Pour White Vinegar into the 1/3 of the carafe and fill the rest of the carafe with water. Place a fresh clean filter in the machine (no coffee). Pour the vinegar/water mixture into the machine and run the machine for a full cycle.

Once the mixture has completed a full cycle through the machine, empty the carafe (be careful HOT liquid) and clean thoroughly with soap and water.

Next, run a full carafe of fresh water through the machine without a filter.

When the fresh water has completely cycled through the machine, empty the carafe (be careful HOT)

Cleaning the outside of the machine:

Once the inside is clean and the machine has fully cooled off, unplug the machine and prepare to clean the outside.

Use an all-purpose cleaner such as Clean By Peroxy and a microfiber cloth to address all areas of the outside of the machine. Make sure to use fresh water after to remove any product.

Enjoy your morning coffee:

Cleaning your coffee pot once a month will give you the best coffee and a pleasant morning experience.

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Make 2020 Your Coffee Pot’s Year Of Clean!

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