Welcome To 2021

Welcome To 2021

30 December 2020

Welcome to the year 2021.  We are pretty sure everyone is glad 2020 is over.  Making our island a Healthy Environment is what we do everyday and helping people just like yourself is our passion.  Whether you are in charge of a large facility or a small business we are here to help you.  Perhaps you are moving into or out of your residential situation and are looking for some added help with making your new space a healthy environment for your family.  What ever your situation ABC Sales & Services is here to help you.  Here are some suggestions to start the New Year out right.

Give ABC a call:

When you contact our specialist you receive a free evaluation of the areas in our home or office that need attention.  Sometimes when we spend so much time in our environments we don’t actually see all the areas that are unhealthy.  ABC Sales & Services can help you determine a plan of action.  Perhaps your environment is in need of serious deep cleaning that would take you weeks of effort, we could help you accomplish this in a day.  Or possibly you are on a mission to perform all the tasks on your own, we can offer easy to use products and suggestions that will make your project easier.


It cannot be said enough that the well lived in look means we live in clutter.  To us our home looks warm and cozy, but to guests our home could look messy and unclean.  Taking the time before your guests arrive to throw out trash and junk mail, organize our spaces, pack away less used items, and in general remove unnecessary items will give our spaces a larger feeling and a more welcoming experience.


Dust builds up fast and unless you are dusting on a regular basis chances are you have built up dust on most everything you own.  Dusting is time consuming and unless done properly will lead to the dust being transferred from one area to another.  If you plan to tackle this large project on your own be sure to start from the top (ceiling and corners) and work your way down to the floor.  This will ensure that as the dust falls downward you will remove the maximum amount.


Your guests will have a much healthier experience if they are not concerned about mosquitos and other bugs in your environment.  Using F6 will help you to remove these pests and make your home a safe place for your guests.

Deep Cleaning:

So much of our homes are neglected on a daily basis.  Our kitchen cabinets and appliances are areas that guests will be interacting with.  No one wants and out of town guest to open the refrigerator and see spill stain or expired food.  Taking the time to address these areas now will offer your guests a truly welcoming experience.


Maintaining a sanitized and disinfected bathroom is a tremendous amount of work and requires ongoing attention.  Guests that will be staying with you will be using your shower and facilities on a regular basis.  Making sure that these areas are in the best condition is a high priority when planning to entertain.

Being Prepared:

Having guests come to your home and enjoy our Islands is a great experience when we are prepared.  Having ABC Sales & Services come out to your environment and assess you needs, for free, is an excellent way to create a game plan and ensure that your Healthy Environment is ready for all the fun and entertaining you have planned.

Whether you need some help doing the cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting or you need the products and tools necessary to get ready on your own, it makes 100% sense to give ABC a call and talk it over.

ABC Sales & Services cares about your Healthy Environment.

We share your enthusiasm of having guests come share our lives with us.

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Make 2021 The Year Of Clean!!!

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