Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

11 February 2021

This year give your healthy environment the gift of clean.  There is nothing better than to share some time with someone you love.  Let us do the cleaning and you enjoy your time.  If you are planning to entertain today here is a quick break down to straighten up your environment.

15 Minute Declutter:

Take the time to address clutter areas and put things away. Sort through junk mail and toss out. Straighten up areas that are messy such as book shelves or magazine racks.

15 Minute Dusting:

Dust from top to bottom, side to side. Give pictures and wall area a once over. Wipe down all flat surfaces.

15 Minute Kitchen Clean:

Wash all the dishes and toss all the pot holders, hand towels, sponges and wash cloths in the laundry. Wipe down the counter tops and the stove. Mop the floor to address any spills or scuff marks.

15 Minute Bathroom Clean:

Clean and disinfect the toilet inside and out. Wipe down the mirror and the counter top. Put away all clutter on top of the counters.

Mood Setting:

Setting the mood is the main focus. Use candles throughout the house and bathroom. Bring out your favorite dishes and glassware. Set the dinner table in romance using a linen table cloth, a center piece of flowers, glasses for wine and water. Aim for a look that you might expect in a fine dining restaurant.

If you are staying in, give your home a little attention and bring out the beautiful romance inside.

Is your house in need of more serious cleaning to bring out the romance?

Give us a call 340-774-1073 or visit our service estimate page.

Give the gift of clean and Fall In Love with your Healthy Environment.

Make 2021 Your Year Of Clean!!!

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