Peroxy To Clean Your Combs And Brushes

Peroxy To Clean Your Combs And Brushes

18 March 2021

Are you a Barber or Beautician?  This blog will help you save money cleaning your combs and  brushes.

Or maybe you're a Mom or Dad who helps your child with their hair?  Have you ever gone to braid your child’s hair, and the comb you want to use is covered in dried product? Or the brush you pick up just looks dirty?

Cleaning our hair combs and brushes is an important task to maintain healthy beautiful hair.

Whether your hair is natural or not, no one wants dirt and germs to be in our hair.

Cleaning your combs and brushes with a solution of Peroxy and water will loosen all of the gel and hair products, but will also remove dirt and gems too.  Combs, brushes, and equipment will last longer when cleaned regularly.

Soak combs and brushes overnight and in the morning use an old toothbrush to scrub off any dirt left over.

Rinse your combs and brushes with plenty of fresh water to completely clean and refresh these tools.

Do you use a curling iron or flat iron? When the tool is cold, wipe down with Peroxy to remove any residual hair products or oils from your hair.

Having clean tools to do our hair will enhance our beautiful look and keep our hair healthy.

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Make 2021 Your Hair’s Year Of Clean!!!

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