Disinfect For A Healthier Environment

Disinfect For A Healthier Environment

15 April 2021

There is a mark difference between “clean” and “disinfected”, and depending on the germs this difference can cause serious health issues.

clean space means it is de-cluttered, the surface areas are dusted, our guests comment what a beautiful space we have. At the same time a clean space is a breeding ground for illness causing germs and bacteria including colds, flu, salmonella, allergies, and more.

disinfected space means it is a healthy space. It means not only does it sparkle and look beautiful, but the illness causing germs have been minimized. Regular disinfecting will offer a healthy environment.

There are key areas in our homes and offices that are prone to breeding germs and bacteria. But with the right products and attention, these areas can go from unhealthy to healthy.

The Kitchen Sink and Drain:

We all think the toilet harbors the unhealthiest germs; however the kitchen sink and drain can actually harbor more severe illness causing germs and bacteria then any other area in our homes and offices. The kitchen sink is where raw meat juices, table scrapes, and dirty dishes enter every day. The sink is used morning, noon, and night, and remains in a constant state of dampness throughout the day. This dampness along with the germs and bacteria dumped into it creates the perfect environment for germs, bacteria, and even mold to grow.

The good news is ABC Sales & Services can assist you in disinfecting the kitchen sink on a regular basis. Our products and services will inhibit these illness causing germs and bacteria and bring your space into a healthy environment.

Spartan HDQ Neutral One-Step Disinfectant is formulated to kill a broad spectrum of microorganisms on hard, nonporous inanimate environmental surfaces such as floors, walls, metal surfaces, stainless steel surfaces, porcelain, glazed ceramic tile, plastic surfaces, bathrooms, shower stalls, bathtubs, and cabinets. It’s also designed for general cleaning and disinfecting.

Doorknobs, Light Switches, and Remote Controls:

The average two bedroom, two bath home has about 10-12 doorknobs on either sides of actual doors and depending on the size of the kitchen can have 20-25 cabinet knobs as well. Each room has as at least one light switch and larger rooms can have more than one. Each TV has a remote control and DVD players increase the amount of remote controls we have. These are areas we touch every day, throughout the day. Many people catch the flu or a cold from simply opening their door, turning on the light switch, watching TV, or opening their refrigerator. Businesses lose money and productivity when employees get sick by touching these areas in the office.

ABC Sales & Services can deliver to you Hard Surface Wipes on a regular basis.  Keeping a container of Hard Surface Wipes in each room with assist you in remembering to disinfect these areas routinely, daily is ideal.

Hard Surface Disinfecting Wipes are formulated to disinfect hard, non-porous, inanimate environmental surfaces such as metal surfaces, stainless steel surfaces, plastic surfaces, and bathrooms. Spartan’s Hard Surface Disinfecting Wipes can be utilized in any environment with hard surfaces where bacteria and disease spread. The wipes are convenient, and ready to use for cleaning and disinfecting hard, non-porous, surfaces such as light switches, exercise equipment, grocery cart handles, computers, counter tops, desktops, doorknobs, headsets, keyboards, railings, tabletops, telephones, bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets, and more.

No matter where we live or work germs and bacteria are breeding right under our fingertips. We cannot see this destructive army multiplying, but when they attack and make us sick we feel the effects. Disinfecting the areas where these soldiers breed takes the guess work out of staying healthy and gives us the peace of mind that we truly live in a Healthy Environment.




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