Communication Is The Key

Communication Is The Key

22 April 2021

Having a Janitorial Service that makes communication a strong part of your service is a key factor in receiving not only a healthy environment, but the ability to monitor and know that your receiving exactly what you need for your service contract.  ABC Sales & Services goes way beyond the average cleaning service to offer you a value added communication package with every service contract.

Communication between ABC and the Customer:

Ongoing open communication between ABC and the customer is vital to the successful execution of the scope of work in the service contract. ABC maintains several different communication experiences with our customers in an effort to give the customer every opportunity to discuss any aspects of the service contract.

Daily Communication:

Daily communication consists of emailing or phoning customers to inform of any changes to the upcoming service date. For example any change in employees who will be preforming the scheduled work; any needed access for the service to be provided. Customers are also encouraged to contact ABC with special needs or scheduling adjustments they may have. This openness to communication allows the customer the comfort level to be very honest about their quality assurance needs.

Weekly Communication:

Weekly communication consists of emailing or phoning customers whose services will be spread out over several days or several site locations. This communication ensures that the customer is fully aware of the process and where in the process ABC is currently at. An example of this type of communication is when maintaining Time Mist dispensers for customers who have several site locations.

Monthly Communication:

Monthly communication relates to invoices and statements sent out to the customer. During the last three days of the month the invoices for the next month’s services are emailed out to the customer. For customers whose internal quality assurance directives require a signature on the invoice, a copy is hand delivered and a signature is received. This communication opportunity puts top management in a face to face communication opportunity for both the customer and ABC. During these transactions, customers are encouraged to discuss any areas of the service contract they wish. At the beginning of each month, statements are sent out to the customer including copies of any open invoices. Customers are encouraged to communicate any billing issues, and an immediate investigation is performed.

Quarterly Communication:

Quarterly communication relates to service contracts which have quarterly tasks in the scope of work. Communication around the scheduling date and time of these tasks is performed with advance notice to the customer for ease of service.  Service customers are offered a quarterly survey to add to the opportunity to judge our performance of the contracted scope of work, communications and policy processes.

Emergency Communication:

ABC is available to our customers 24/7. Emergency services communication takes high priority, and is addressed as quickly as possible.

Yearly Communication:

On a yearly basis the customer contract is reviewed and identified changes are communicated and discussed with the customer. In addition needed additional services are proactively discussed with the customer in an effort to anticipate the needs of the facilities quality assurance plan.

Addressing Feedback:

ABC considers a complaint valid as soon as it is received. Once a complaint is received Management communication (Saul Strain) is established with the customer to facilitate a solution. Resolving complaints is executed by identifying the problem, brainstorming solutions, identifying the best solution, executing the solution in a timely manner, final inspection from ABC, and finally follow up communication ensuring customer satisfaction. This process allows customer validation and continues to keep communication open.

Positive feedback is used as a morale booster and communicated to the staff. We value our customers and hearing how pleased they are is just as important as addressing complaints.

How does your Janitorial Service communicate with you?

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