Lint Can Be A Fire Hazard

Lint Can Be A Fire Hazard

29 April 2021

Having a clothes dryer in our homes is a luxury, as anyone who has to go to the public laundry knows. But taking care of this appliance is not only healthy for our environment but a safety issue as well.

This blog post focuses on the tasks of cleaning out the lint from the dryer, and when we are finished your clothes will dry quicker and your home will be safer.

Remove the lint trap:

After each use removing the lint trap and cleaning is an important step in maintaining this appliance.

Cleaning the lint trap:

Rinsing out the lint trap on a regular basis will allow the screen to pass air between the lint and the machine. Using an all-purpose cleaner and a wire brush will remove lint stuck in between the screen holes.

Cleaning out the exhaust:

Removing the back of the lint exhaust and vacuuming out the exhaust hose will remove built up lint that can damage the machine and can also prevent fires.

Cleaning the inside of the machine:

Making sure the inside of the machine is clean will ensure that your clothes stay clean and dry more quickly.

Enjoy your clean dryer:

Maintaining your dryer on a regular basis will assist your machine in running more effectively, save you money, and remove the threat of fire.

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