Save Money And Reduce Stress

Save Money And Reduce Stress

30 April 2021

Saving money, whether in business or your home life, is very important these days. The last thing we all want to be doing is wasting money, especially without even knowing it.

There are lots of ways to save money, but waiting in line is costing you money.

The two scenarios below will offer you two options. You pick the one that will save you the most money, time, and stress.

First Option You Wait In Line:

You buy all of your cleaning supplies, paper products, and chemicals from a department store. You spend not only premium prices for your items, but you use gas money and wear and tear on your car. If you live on St. John you have the cost of the ferry to include. You also spend a lot of time on the shopping process, standing in line, and going back and forth when you run out or forget something. At the end of the year you have no idea how much you have spent on supplies, and you find you have all these half used supplies because you bought something on “Sale” that ultimately did not work for you.

Second Option ABC Delivers:

You give ABC Sales & Services a call and one of our highly trained staff members helps you to choose specific multi use products and chemicals for your home or office. You no longer waste time standing in line or forgetting things. You call in your order in the morning and you have it that afternoon. You set up an online account with us and order your supplies right from our catalog page, day or night, when you want to.  If you live on St. John your orders are delivered on Fridays. You save money with free delivery, no more paying the gas station or the ferry for something you deserve for free. Your life becomes simple and your stress level goes down. At the end of the year you request a printout emailed to you of exactly what and how much of each item you purchased.

Give ABC a call 340-774-1073 and see how fast your savings add up.

Visit our catalog page to order your supplies with ease.

Visit our services page for a free estimate.

We can make your Healthy Environment Amazing!

Make 2021 Your Year Of Saving Money!!

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