Upgrading The Emergency Kit

05 May 2021

It’s that time of year again when our attention is focused on the weather.  This year is a little different with the stay-at-home orders you may already being using your emergency kit.  If you are than restocking is very important to keep up with.  We all know that being prepared goes a long way in reducing the stress when an emergency is brewing.

Take stock of last year’s kit:

Whether you keep your kit on a shelf, in a box, or in a corner of your home, go through it and make a list of what is in it. Check expiration dates on food items. Are there items in your kit that have been there for several years? Would you actually eat the items in your kit? If items are still good put them to use now and replace with fresher items. If they have expired toss out and replace.

First Aid Kit:

Check the contents of your first aid kit; chances are you have used items such as band aids throughout the year. Make a list of items you need to replace.


If you take medication on a daily basis, make sure to refill your prescription before you run out. Sometimes pharmacies run out of widely used medications and the last thing you want is an empty prescription, and a pharmacy out of what you need.


Now is the time to test out your shutters. Do they need oil? Are the locks working? Are parts missing? Taking the time now to do a test run on putting up or closing your shutters will make a huge difference in how you spend your time in the days before an emergency.

Clean up your yard:

High winds can make items in and around your home a hazard. Spending some time now to remove garbage, fallen tree branches, coconuts, and other flying hazards will make your area safer should high winds circle around you.

Cleaning supplies:

Having disinfectant wipes and supplies to clean up water and dirt in your kit will allow you to take action quickly, if the situation gets bad. Take a look at what you have and place an order now for some extra supplies. We have paper towels, disinfectant wipes, and a vast array of products that can assist you in an emergency.

Is your environment prepared for an emergency?

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Make 2021 Your Year of Being Prepared!!!

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