Memorial Day Brings On Memories

Memorial Day Brings On Memories

19 May 2021

Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching and we are all looking forward to seeing a few family members or friends.  t’s a great time for the kids getting out of school and a three-day weekend for us adults. But thinking about Memorial Day brings on memories of the past. And with those memories comes vivid memories of our environments growing up.

No matter what your environment was like growing up, you can continue to give your family a Healthy Environment now. This week we look to some options that will give your family great memories.

A professional cleaning:

You cannot go wrong with having ABC Sales & Services attack your environment. You and your family will never forget the feeling of your home after we are through cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting your healthy environment.


The memory of organizing your environment will carry through your children’s lives. Teaching children at a young age to organize, purge, and declutter their environment goes a long way in teaching them how to manage a household.

Paying it forward:

Maybe you know a Veteran that could use some assistance. Giving the gift of clean to another is more than giving a healthy environment, it’s giving people a new chance at life. Call us for options on helping someone you know.

No matter what you do this Memorial Day, make sure to take the time to give back to your

Healthy Environment.

Is your environment in need of a professional cleaning?

We are here for you!!

Call us at 340-774-1073 or request an estimate.

Kick your summer off right with a Healthy Environment!

Make 2021 Your Year of Healthy Environment Memories!!!

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