National Safety Month: Training

27 May 2021

Many businesses think that training is something that only happens with new employees, at the start of their employment, however good, effective training is an ongoing process and should be reviewed on a yearly basis with continued employment.

Initial Training:

During the on boarding, employees are trained in the basics of safety in the work place. This training should encompass proper usage of equipment, personal protective equipment, fire exits, OSHA Standards, reporting of injuries, slips, falls, and trips, any chemical to be used, and general safety plan knowledge.

Safety Issues are for all staff members:

Anyone that has ever banged their knee on an open cabinet or drawer, only to spend the next hour nursing the wound, can appreciate the ongoing training and reminders of the importance of safety in the workplace.

Ongoing training:

Ongoing training relates to a more detailed and intense training, geared toward the improvement of safety in the work place, but also improvement of the services provided by removing the hazards associated with injury. Areas such as Body Mechanics, (carrying, lifting, pulling, reaching, twisting), Hazardous Communication Policies, and changes to equipment.

Creating a quarterly and yearly ongoing training program allows for your staff to be current on the acceptable standards of safety in your business, which will make for less injuries and less money spent on workplace related fines and compensation.

Taking the time this month to review, update, and implement a training program will give your business a better environment and allow for concentration on the work at hand.



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Make 2021 Your Year Of Safety!!!

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