June Is National Safety Month: Employee Recognition

June Is National Safety Month: Employee Recognition

03 June 2022

Today we continue up our series on National Safety Month. Recognizing your employees who embrace your business ethics and rules is a very inexpensive way to maintain really good employees.

Why Recognize Employees?

Creating buy in from your employees on the need for safe practices in the work place is essential to maintaining a safe environment. When employees feel part of the process, they are much more likely to follow the procedures, and provide valuable input on areas that need to be addressed. By setting up a recognition program you give employees the opportunity to feel important and valued.

Creating the Safety Plan:

Put out a suggestion box and offer all employees the opportunity to write down ideas for safety in the workplace. Your employees are the front line and they have first-hand knowledge of areas the need safety procedures. Give the employees a week or so to drop their suggestions in the box. Make sure they put their names on the suggestions, then offer a raffle and pick one or more suggestions at random to win a special prize. Prize ideas include a special lunch or a gift certificate.

Maintaining a Clean and Well Organized Work Environment:

Every area of a business should be free of clutter and well organized. When employees take ownership of their areas they are more likely to maintain these areas in a safe way. Once a month highlight one or two employees that have gone above and beyond in maintaining their work space and/or the total business space.

Reward, Reward, Reward:

By taking the time to reward employees for their continual effort to wear the proper protective gear, maintain a clean and organized environment, and offer suggestions to the process, businesses save money. The few dollars spent in rewards highly outweighs any work related injury compensation. Rewarding employees also creates a strong work force full of employees who value their positions. Recognizing employees increases employee retention, which further cuts the costs of training related expenses.

Free Publicity:

When employees feel valued for their ideas or service they spread the word in the community, expressing what a great company they work for. This free publicity carries over to new customers and a higher quality of applicants for open positions.

Safety in the workforce is a high priority not only for the safety of the employees, but for the reputation and assets of the business. Having a well-developed safety planproper ongoing training, a well-stocked variety of personal protective equipment, and an employee recognition program will give your business the edge in today’s tough market.

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