BH-38 For Those Greasy Spots

BH-38 For Those Greasy Spots

16 June 2022

Whether you work in a restaurant or just love cooking fried food at home, chances are you could use BH-38 to clean up the grease splatter on the walls and floors. Having a heavy-duty cleaning product helps to eliminate the tough soils and gives you peace of mind. Order some today and never be left with hard to remove industrial soils again.

BH-38 is a multi-purpose detergent that provides quick penetration and easy removal of light to medium industrial soils. BH-38 is not a substitute for all-purpose cleaners, but instead, a product designed for heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

For example, appliances, brick, concrete, engines, machinery, flues, hoods, and office machines all can be cleaned at one part BH-38 to two parts water. Kitchen walls, tile, marble, and dirty terrazzo-- a dilution of one part BH-38 to seven parts water is recommended. You can clean light fixtures, appliances, and stainless steel at a dilution of 1:10.

A considerable amount of field-testing was performed on BH-38. A number of fast-food installations serving chicken tested the product against grease build-up on walls and around cookers. They found BH-38 removes soil and grease deposits with ease. It has been tested in restaurants around exhaust fans. BH-38 does an excellent job cleaning concrete surfaces and drive-through areas. In printing plants, BH-38 removes ink and grease accumulations on equipment."


Low foaming wetting agents permit BH-38 to be utilized in conjunction with industrial pressure washers and automatic scrubbers. BH-38 does an excellent job cleaning concrete surfaces. In printing plants, BH-38 removes ink and grease accumulations on equipment.


The cleaning action of BH-38 is remarkably fast – thereby reducing the time needed for normal labor requirements. Consequently, the product provides the user with a substantial savings in labor – in addition to capably handling the most difficult cleaning jobs .


Use BH-38 for these other applications:

BH-38 is excellent for cleaning most surfaces not harmed by water.

1. Mix from 1:1 (128 oz./gal. or 960 ml/l) to 1:10 (12 oz./gal. or 90 ml/l) of water.

2. Apply with a sprayer, sponge, brush or mop, depending on the surface to be cleaned. Pressure equipment and automatic floor machines may also be used.

3. Rinse with water.

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