Maintaining Your Home Office

Maintaining Your Home Office

16 June 2022

Having a home office is more common than we think. Whether your home office is a function of your personal life or an extension of your business office, having the ability to manage tasks from home is a well-used benefit. Having a home office and a family ensures that sooner or later your home office will be a messy corner, filled with all you want to accomplish.

Today we talk about our home office and when we are done we hope that you not only have a well-organized corner, but also have renewed energy, by taking a walk down memory lane.

Take before pictures:

Our memories are short and sometimes we forget what we started with. By taking before pictures, of the mess, we appreciate our efforts much more.

Rethink your organization:

The reason our home office gets in a messy state, is because our organization cannot support our function. By taking a moment and rethinking how we want our home office to function, and be organized, we give ourselves the opportunity to bring in a new filing system or a new shelf to house our printer.

Don’t just move it, read it:

Some of our mess comprises of stacks of paper. Some is just filing to be done, the bill or receipt already paid. However with any home office some of our paperwork is useful going forward. By taking the time to look through and read our stacks of paperwork we can find notes on project ideas we want to start but forgot about. Perhaps you might find a stack of your children’s art work hidden like a diamond in the pile. Whatever you find, toss out the garbage, file the receipts, and save the notes and artwork for future development.

Disinfect it:

Once you have removed all of the clutter take the time to disinfect the surfaces. Dirt and germs build up in dust so by disinfecting these areas you not only give your home office a new sense of organization, but also a germ free state to begin again.

Having a home office is a necessity for the continued function of some businesses and a must have for the average household. Paying bills, housing your computer, kid’s homework station, and much more comprise the modern day home office.

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