Maintaining A Healthy Environment

Maintaining A Healthy Environment

01 July 2022

Our lives are full of stuff. We have stuff to do, stuff to learn, stuff to manage, and lots and lots of stuff in our environments. Whether it is the clutter in our office or the piles of stuff in our homes, we all have a lot of stuff.

In this blog we go over how to organize, purge, and release ourselves of the stuff we no longer need. When we are done we hope you can sit back and enjoy your simple healthy environment.

The Psychological Attachment:

The simple truth is we are attached to our stuff. Whether it be our clothes, accessories, or kitchen appliances we all have a sense of hoarding going on. Some people to a lesser degree than others, but somewhere deep in our subconscious we have feelings for our stuff. Identifying how we feel about nonliving objects is the first step in letting go.

Some things we have are old and hold a sense of nostalgia for us. Maybe it belonged to your parent or grandparent. Maybe you have had it since you were a child. These types of objects are important to us, and should have a place in our homes or offices to be displayed. If, however, you find these things are buried in a closet or storage space then it is time to rethink what we are displaying.

Take Inventory:

Take a walk down memory lane through your home or office. Look to each picture on the wall, each object displayed on tables and shelves. Go through your closets and drawers and really give yourself a chance to touch each item think about it. When did you acquire this item? Did you buy it or was it a gift? Do you even still like it? Taking the time to find that connection you have with your stuff will give you a real picture of what is actually important to you.

The Give and Keep Options:

As you begin to go through your stuff you will come across objects that have little to no meaning to you. You might touch an object and think “I have no idea where I got this or the last time I used or wore it”. These are great items to put in the Give pile. Other items you will come across and will instantly have a flood of emotions; remembering every detail surrounding the object. These are your keepers.

Display Your Heart:

Try displaying the items you love in a fun way. The blanket your Grandmother made you as a child will give you more pleasure displayed on your bed or draped over the corner of a chair, than it would stuffed in a box in the closet.

Simply Healthy:

When we surround ourselves with less clutter, and enjoy the things that matter most to us our Healthy Environments become simple  A simple Environment is easier to clean and maintain. When the things we display are dear to us, dusting is no longer a chore.

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