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07 July 2022

Whether you are looking to an office or home Healthy Environment, having a cleaning service should ensure you have the best. So many issues arise when you hire a cleaning service and getting the most for your spending dollars is essential. Below are a list of questions most commonly asked.

ABC Sales & Services offers you the most value for your budget. We pack in those little extra things that you might not even think of. Our number one concern is your needs. Give us a call and find out for free what we can do for you.

What are your rates?

The rates ABC charges are based on your needs. When you contact us you get personalized service. Our technician will come to your home or business and meet with you, at a time the is convenient for you. We will walk through your needs and pay close attention to what you want from your cleaning service. Our rates are not based on a blanket square footage, but rather an inspection of the environment you are in control of.

Do you conduct a background check on employees?

ABC employees go through an extensive criminal background check prior to employment. We value our ability to provide you with secure peace of mind. Our staff members are thoroughly trained in the follow through of maintaining strenuous discipline and confidentiality. We also ensure constant communication of employee changes that effect your service.

Are you insured?

ABC Sales & Services is fully insured. Once you are enrolled as a service customer we are more than happy to provide you with an insurance certificate noting your home or office as an additional insured under our policy.

Do you carry worker’s compensation?

All of our employees are covered under Worker’s Compensation. We maintain the necessities of payroll, federal, state and social security taxes and provide our employees with worker’s compensation in the event that an employee gets injured.

What about equipment and cleaning supplies?

ABC offers you the best in services. We supply all of the cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting supplies to carry out your service contract. We also offer for your purchase paper and other products that will make running your business a breeze. Our staff will fill your dispensers and even maintain your ordering needs if you choose.

What about satisfaction guarantee?

ABC values your satisfaction. We guarantee that your service contract will be fulfilled with the utmost professionalism. We offer a quality assurance program that not only ensures that your environment will be inspected on a regular schedule, but that you will also be notified of areas that need additional service such as burnt out light bulbs. Our inspections are completed on hand held tablets using a state of the art program which allows us to upload images and, if you choose, allows you access to valuable information on a regular basis. We are your eyes to your janitorial and maintenance needs.

Do I need to be home or at my business?

ABC Sales & Services is very familiar with the needs businesses and homes to have their services done when no one is home or working. We value the right to conduct our services and gain access to your environment after hours. We offer a working solution that allows for your piece of mind. Our highly trained staff consistently service organizations that require security entrance codes or keys. Rest assured that service with ABC will be of the utmost professional and secure.

What services are included?

ABC Sales & Service will work with you to create a service contract that will detail all the needs you request. You will have complete confidence that what you are paying for is exactly what you are getting. Our inspections are clearly defined by the scope of work you are signing up for.

How long has ABC Sales & Services been in business?

ABC has been serving the US Virgin Islands since 1964. We are well grounded in the community and enjoy providing the best in services. Our company is founded in the principle of good service extends to good community relationships. We continue to increase the value we add to our services while maintaining a excellent relationship with our customers.

Can I get a written quote?

We are more than happy to come to your environment and talk with you about your needs. From there we will create a written scope of work and a service contract. The contract will be submitted to you for your review. Should you decide to make changes to the scope of work, we are happy to work with you.

ABC Sales & Services cares about your Healthy Environment.

Give us a call at 340-774-1073 or visit our Services Page.

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