Travel Cups and Lunch Containers

Travel Cups and Lunch Containers

08 July 2022

Any of us trying to save a little cash or eat healthier is in the habit of taking our food and beverages with us. Our morning routines are full of packing our lunches and snacks, and grabbing our coffee to go. At the end of the day we return home with containers that have sat all day with the remnants of our left overs and stains in our cups.

This week let's talk about our travel containers and the need to sanitize these items. When we are done we hope that your food tastes better and that you continue to be healthy.

Toss Out Leftovers:

When we bring our lunch with us, we may not always eat everything we bring. Unless you plan on storing these leftovers in a refrigerator at work or school, toss them out when you are done eating. Having spoiling foods remain in our containers all day leads to increased germs and possible illness. This is especially true with kid’s lunches.

Wash Containers Daily:

Washing our containers every day with hot soapy water will remove the germs left over by the foods we store in them. Leaving dirty containers overnight allows germs and bacteria to settle into the rims and lids of our containers. Washing our coffee travel cups out daily also helps to remove stains and odors in our cups. If you drink milk in your coffee and it is left to spoil in your cup, mold will settle and grow in the cups. Water bottles also need to be washed daily to remove germs and bacteria and also to repel the growth of mold.

Use Hard Surface Wipes:

Hard Surface Wipes are an excellent way to disinfect lunch containers and bags. Wiping containers with Hard Surface Wipes before and/or after washing with hot soapy water will remove much more germs and bacteria.

Using Boiling Water:

To sanitize our travel cups, water bottles, and ice packs using boiling water. So often we come home and toss our melted ice packs right in the freezer. These packs harbor germs, bacteria, and mold that then spread to our freezers and back into our food the next day.

Don’t Cross Contaminate:

When preparing lunches, be cautious not to cross contaminate your food. Utensils used for cutting meats should not be then used to cut veggies until fully sanitized. When packing food ensure that containers are securely closed and separate before heading out the door.

Taking our lunch and beverages with us from home offers a tremendous savings to us, but neglecting to clean, sanitize, and disinfect the containers can lead to illness.

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