Time To Pressure Wash Your Out Door Space

Time To Pressure Wash Your Out Door Space

23 May 2023

We have all been cooped up for so long and we miss our friends and family.  We all could use some time just to relax and have some friends or family come visit us.  With Social Distancing till high on everyone's priority it's a great idea to plan an outdoor party for just a few close friends or relatives.  Here are some great ideas on how you can make your outdoor environment  a safe and inviting place to hang out.

Part of living in the Virgin Islands is the extension of our homes outside. Whether we have a balcony or a large patio, we spend a lot of time outdoors. It is easy to think that these areas are cleaned by the rain, however offering this space some well-deserved cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting will go a long way in our enjoyment of these areas.

Address the dirt:

Having your outdoor area professionally pressure washed is the ideal situation. During pressure washing all areas of the space will be addressed. If you are set on cleaning these areas yourself, then a hose, broom, mop, and all-purpose cleaner will be of big help to you.

Stage the area:

If you have ever seen a TV show on selling or fixing up a home, then you are familiar with the staging process. Using outdoor chairs, couches, tables, and hammocks are a great way to make your outdoor space a relaxing environment. Plants are also a stress reliever. Having potted plants surrounding your outdoor space will lend to a more beautiful and heartwarming good time.

Control for mosquitoes:

Mosquitoes can ruin a peaceful night outdoors. Controlling stagnant water, using citronella candles, and spraying with F6  will help you enjoy your space more often.

Invite Company:

When you have a space that is clean and comfortable you want to enjoy it with family and friends. Our Healthy Environments allow us to relax and celebrate the day. Once you have your outdoor space in a healthy sate, invite over your friends and relax.

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