ABC Quality Assurance Policy

ABC Quality Assurance Policy

18 April 2018

Policy: ABC Sales & Services Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan

Policy Established 1964

Policy Last Update 2018

This Quality assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) has been developed to evaluate ABC Sales & Services actions while implementing each service contract. It is designed to provide an effective surveillance method of monitoring ABC’s performance for each listed objective in the contracted service scope of each contract. This QASP is based on the premise that ABC desires to maintain a quality standard in providing janitorial service contracts.

Quality Mission Statement:

ABC Sales & Services is dedicated to providing absolute quality assurance to our customers in the facilitation of the Scope of work per each contract. We are available 24/7 for emergencies. We maintain high standard inspections and apply corrective action immediately. We proactively seek communication and feedback from our customers to continue to improve our quality assurance and customer needs satisfaction. Our customers are why we are in business, and our quality assurance is how we continue to satisfy and grow our customer base.


ABC is responsible for management and quality control actions to meet the terms of the contract. The role of the customer is feedback of quality assurance issues to ensure contract standards are achieved.


Products, consumables, and equipment are stored in an organized manner on site (if room available). The cleaning-flow process is organized to reduce wasted walking. The tasks of each service contract are simplified by reducing the number of steps and complexity of each task. Cleaning tools are organized for instant access. Items are arranged so that it is impossible to put something back in the wrong place. Broken cleaning equipment is immediately reported to the supervisor and removed or replace right away. Janitor carts are organized with easy-to-access supplies to reduce sort and select time. Where needed carts and four-wheel trucks are available to transport equipment.

Staff ordering of products to fulfill contracted tasks is phoned in to the sales department where they are logged into the inventory tracking application. The supplies then are delivered to the contracted site. A back up supply of service related products is maintained for the continuation of services. There is a supply chart located at each service location where supplies are stored in a supply closet.

Quality Assurance Software, email, phone, and US Postal are used in an organized manner to ensure the lines of communication are always open for the customer 24 hours a day. Owner, Saul Strain’s cell phone number is given to service customers and it is recorded on our outgoing answering machine message. Emergency issues are addressed in a timely, organized manner to address safety and containment as a high priority. Once emergency situations have been contained a more formal scope of emergency work is discussed with the customer.


All cleaning tasks are essential to the completion of the overall scope of work per contract. Highly visible projects that need immediate attention are given priority. Cleaning is done in a systematic top to bottom or counter clockwise fashion. All areas in need of cleaning are easily accessible. Reminder emails are sent out for service locations that need to make special arrangements such as leaving office doors unlocked.

Motion Economy Principles are applied in the facilitation of the service contract. Staff are trained in concurrent use of both hands, momentum working for you, use continuous motions, keep supplies close by, arrange supplies in order of use, reduce holding, pre-position supplies for next use, stack items efficiently,reduce or combine steps, standardize equipment and supplies, reduce eye distraction, grab two or three items at one time, use hooks, clips, and racks to secure tools, use a guide or template to direct items, reduce moving items, and self-inspect area before leaving.

Products used in the facilitation of each service contract are streamlined to a handful of specific products. The following products are used while preforming contracted cleaning services: Peroxy, NABC,SD-20, Glass Cleaner, and GS Neutral Disinfectant. Additional products may be used for special tasks. MSDS for each product are displayed in the janitor’s closets or applicable space.

Monitoring Quality of Work:


To insure the quality of work performed on each contracted service scope is maintained at the highest standard, inspections are performed on an ongoing basis. Quality Assurance software is used on hand held tablets to perform all inspections. Each level of the scope of work is inspected and rated. Pictures are taken and stored as supporting documentation for each inspection. Inspections are carried out by Supervising Staff members per site location. For weekly cleaning contracts inspections are performed each visit. For daily cleaning contracts inspections are performed at least twice per week. Any less than quality workmanship identified in the inspection is immediately addressed and noted in the inspection. Cleaning staff members also less formally inspect each other’s work to maintain ongoing quality assurance. Management preforms unannounced site inspections with customer participation when available. Reports generated from the inspections are reviewed and used to implement additional training opportunities and customer satisfaction surveys.


Surveying of the customer is an important aspect of maintaining a high state of Quality Assurance. Customers are requested to fill out the survey on a quarterly basis. For customers using the Quality Assurance Software, an ongoing survey is available and usage is encouraged. For Customers not yet fully integrated in the Quality Assurance software, surveys are carried out through email and hand delivered copies for those customers who do not receive email.

 Ask your janitorial service for their Quality Assurance Policy and see the difference ABC offers all of our customers.

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