College Dorm Essentials

College Dorm Essentials

29 August 2023

Are you finally out living your dream or perhaps you have moved into the housing at one of the US Virgin Island College campuses.  Welcome to our blog on keeping your environment healthy.  Let's get to it....

Having a monthly to do list will give you the directions to keep up with your healthy environment. By breaking down the larger tasks into smaller parts, we have the opportunity to spread out these tasks over the course of the month.

Some ideas for the monthly list include:

Once a week empty out your refrigerator.

You would be surprised what has expired and needs to be tossed out. Sanitizing the shelves and drawers will remove any spills but will also attack germs that can grow in your refrigerator. Sanitizing your microwave at least once a week will ensure that you’re not contaminating your food with left over residue.

If you use your oven on a daily basis then once a month clean it out. Grease and food spills can not only be a dangerous fire hazard but can also effect the taste and cooking temperature.

Disinfect where germs breed.

Regularly disinfect all of your trash cans, especially those in the kitchen and bathroom. Make sure to use hard surface wipes on all your door knobs, remote controls, cabinet handles, and any other highly touched area.

Dust all your hanging pictures.

Dust mites breed in areas that are not dusted regularly. All of our beautiful photos and decorative art work are perfect spots for dust to accumulate. Removing this dust on a regular schedule reduces the amount of dust mites and germs in your environment.

Clean out your car.

Our cars are the most widely used environment we have, and the least likely to get cleaned on a regular basis. Empty out all the garbage and sanitizing the interior will boost your healthy environment, and extend the longevity of the interior.

Clean the windows.

Our beautiful environments are surrounded by the most amazing views. Having dirty streaked windows interferes with our peaceful view. Making a resolution to clean the windows on a regular schedule will not only add to your healthy environment it will offer your mood a boost as you marvel at your view.

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