Taking Control

Taking Control

13 September 2018

When you or someone you are close to gets sick the germs spread quickly.. Being prepared to attack those germs instead of the germs attacking you is a key component in staying healthy.

Here are some tips on fighting back.

Hard Surface Wipes:

It really cannot be said enough the value in investing in Hard Surface Wipes. Having and using these disinfectant wipes on a regular basis throughout your home or office an make the difference between spreading disease and stopping it. Use these on your credit cards after shopping to ensure they are disinfected as well.

Wash your hands:

Making sure everyone in your household washer their hands often is a major step in staying healthy. If you are the person who usually takes care of the sick loved ones in your life then stepping up your hand washing routine is a must. Everything a sick person touches is infected from the food they eat, the bedding they sleep in, the used tissues, and the cup they drink from.

Don’t touch your face:

Along with the importance of hand washing is the necessity to not touch your face. Germs enter the body through openings in the skin the eyes, nose, and mouth are a prime entryway for germs to settle in. Another area to avoid is biting your nails. Germs can easily slip under longer nails and once they come in contact with your mouth your run the risk of getting sick.


Make sure to wash a sick person clothing and bedding in hot water regularly. Washing away the germs will help reduce the spread to other family members.

Cleaning the bathroom:

If someone in your home or office is sick, clean the bathroom daily. Germs live on hard surfaces and the bathroom is highly contaminated.

When you or a loved one becomes ill, it is not a fun experience. Being contagious is part of being sick, but that does not mean the whole family or office staff have to get sick too.

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