Time With Your Oven

Time With Your Oven

08 April 2020

It’s hard to imagine that we could clean something one time and it would stay clean for the rest of our lives. There is really no area of our Healthy Environment that can sustain a germ free surface. Every day we live, we track dirt throughout our homes, and we cook. Cleaning our ovens should happen more than once a year, but if you have not cleaned yours in 2020, then today’s post is just for you.

Most of us would love a self-cleaning oven, but chances are you don’t have one. This means that sooner or later all that good home cooking leaves a greasy, dirty, mess inside our most used appliance.

If you’re restaurant is well frequented, you’re ovens, grills, and burner tops are in continual need of cleaning. The thought of cleaning it gets pushed farther and farther to the back of our mind until one night the smoke detector goes off while we are cooking.

Need more convincing? Below are some reasons why having dirty, greasy appliances are bad for your health.

Fire Hazard

Cooking with old food stuck to your stove’s interior can contribute to a number of fire hazards to your kitchen. Any food or grease that has collected in your appliance will continue to burn. Chances are if you have ever known anyone who has experiences a kitchen fire, the oven played a role in the ignition.

Baking with grease and drippings from a previous dinner will eventually fill your kitchen with a thick plume of smoke that is sure to cause a lot of discomfort to your customers or family and pose a real threat to your health.


It’s not just fire hazards and health needs you should be worried about. Think about the impact that a greasy oven will have on the quality of the meals you are preparing.

A stove that is full of smoldering grease and food drippings can ruin the flavor of your food, filling it with a nasty, smoky taste. In addition to this, the grease that clings to the surface of your interior might trickle into your food while it is roasting, and ingesting this is not good for your health. Not exactly what you are looking for while cooking your Easter Dinner!

To top it all off, the drippings that are stuck on the inside of your stove often tends to obstruct the heat sources, meaning that your food is less likely to cook properly. This is particularly dangerous when preparing meat, like poultry, as you may run the risk of getting food poisoning if your food is not properly cooked.

Health Inspections

For business owners, an unexpected drop in from the health and safety inspector can have your restaurant closed down or fined.

Spartan Oven & Grill Cleaner

Item # FP000

  • Custom formulated Oven & Grill Cleaner provides rapid penetration and emulsification of tough soils such as baked-on carbon, grease and food deposits.
  • 20 oz. cans; Net 18 oz.
  • pH 13.0 - 14.0
  • 20 oz. Can, 12/cs

Spartan Oven & Grill Cleaner - Gal.

Item # FP001

  • A combination of solvents, wetting agents, and alkaline materials.
  • Effectively cleans hot or cold surfaces and can be used for daytime or overnight cleaning.
  • Dilution: Straight - 12 oz. makes gallon
  • pH 13.5-14.0
  • Gal., 4/cs

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