What To Do With All The Kids Artwork?

What To Do With All The Kids Artwork?

16 September 2020

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Today’s post answers the question: What to do with all the kids paperwork and art?

Talk with your kids:

We talk with our kids all the time. Talking about school is a daily question of What did you do today?  Sometimes we are lucky to get to see art work they have done. Over time this artwork builds up and clutter is the result.

Update display system:

Designating a corner or some wall space and a cork board gives your kids the option to chose what to display there. Once a month switch out the art for newer art and either box up or dispose of the old display items.

Take a picture:

Once the cork board art display looks good, take a picture of it. Also take pictures of each art piece. Most people do not have the storage capacity to keep everything. By taking a picture of each piece you have several options for use. Once a year you could make a book with the art pictures. Or a coffee mug for grandma?

Move stuff around:

You might need to move things around to create your child’s art display. Look for space on their bedroom wall.

Decorate the walls:

Kids rooms are the perfect places to make a display area. It might even get them to clean their room!

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