Play Some Games With The Kids

Play Some Games With The Kids

04 February 2021

Teaching a Healthy Environment to our children.

Every parent goes through the same mantras with our kids “clean your room, pick up your toys, put your crayons away”. Most times these declarations of parenthood are met with resistance and the struggle begins. Turning cleaning time into a game that children can WIN is an awesome way to get them to want to clean up.

Whether you are a Teacher, Parent, Daycare Nanny, or Summer Camp Leader these cleaning games for children are for you. Make sure to have some small prizes or special experiences when the games are over. Some ideas might be stickers, reading a special book together, a special meal together, a walk on the beach, or a trip to the park.

Scavenger Hunt:

Take a look around the mess and make a list of categories that need picking up. Depending on the environment this can include clothes, toys, shoes, or art supplies. Have the children find and put away each item in the categories. Set a timer and see how much they can put away in a 5 or 10 minute time span.

Play Dress Up:

What child does not enjoy an afternoon of dress up? Use an old apron and head scarf and play maid for the day. Pretend the children are there to clean up another family’s home. Make a game imagining how happy the family will be when they get home and all their things are put away.

Pretend you are filming a commercial:

Get the kids involved in a cleaning commercial. Let them help with the script and talk about the importance of putting away their things. Grab your phone and take some footage of them cleaning up their room and playing the part. Great memories you will have and a clean room as a result.

The Math Game:

For young children learning to count can be fun by counting the toys or crayons as they put them away. Pairing socks together is another way to teach children about numbers and similar objects.

Making cleaning fun for kids not only helps your Healthy Environment, but it teaches them lifelong skills.

Have a great day with the kids and play your way to clean.

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