Taking Care Of The Bilge

Taking Care Of The Bilge

10 February 2021

No one wants a dirty smelly boat!

ABC Sales & Services introduces you to Consume Micro Muscle. Consume Micro-Muscle is an industrial strength, super surfactant concentrate boosted with active microbial grease digestives. Engineered to quickly remove every day, routine petroleum based soils, continuously control nuisance odors, and provide benefits to downstream waste treatment by helping degrade petroleum soils. Consume Micro-Muscle is an effective environmental alternative to many traditional industrial de-greasers.

This super surfactant blend provides quick penetration and initial removal of everyday petroleum-based soils such as motor oil, hydraulic fluid, lithium grease, lubricant oils, stamping oils, etc. Consume Micro-Muscle accomplishes the same or better cleaning and de-greasing with a lower pH and no solvents. In addition, Consume Micro-Muscle contains no butyl, no bleach, no ammonia and no harsh detergents.

Treat your vessel to the best, it's what your guests expect.

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Make 2021 your Year Of Clean!!!

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