Class Of 2021

Class Of 2021

14 April 2021

Someone in your family may be graduating this year, Awesome! Maybe it is your Son or Daughter, maybe even your Mother or Father.

It is a proud moment for any Graduate, and enjoying a party is the best way to celebrate. Having a Healthy Environment to host the party can be as hard as the finals taken for the degree.

Just like studying for finals, preparing your home for a party can be easy, if we plan out our tasks.


Having as much room as possible for guests will go a long way in making your party a success. Removing all items from flat surfaces allows for guests to have a place to set down a drink or plate of food. Store items not needed in a closet for a stress fee party area.

Attack the Kitchen and Bathrooms:

During a party the most widely used areas are the kitchen and bathrooms. Giving these areas special attention will make your environment shine. Put out extra paper towels and toilet paper so guests will not have to ask while the party is in full swing. Put a roll of paper towels in the bathroom so guests can dry their hands.

Clean the grill:

Chances are you will be using your grill for the party. Spending some time before the day of the party to ensure the gas tank is full and the cooking grates are clean will make the day of the party a lot less stressful.

Prepare some foods in advance:

Having a cleaned out refrigerator will allow space to prepare foods in advance. Any foods that will be served cold can be prepared a day or two in advance. This minimizes the clean up on the day of the party and also lets the salad or dip marry the flavors.

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Garbage duty:

Having adequate garbage bags placed around the party means guests can dispose of their trash with ease. This minimizes the cleanup required after the party. Make sure to put a garbage bin outside too, as guests will roam in and out of the house.

Stage the party:

Having areas set up in advance for drinks, dessert, and presents can go a long way in streamlining the process. Get creative and print out a simple sign noting what the area if for.

Throwing a Graduation Party is a wonderful experience. Your graduate has worked hard for their degree, but the party can be stress free.

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Make 2021 Your Year of The Graduate!!!

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