Keep Disinfecting Your Healthy Environment

Keep Disinfecting Your Healthy Environment

15 March 2022

We know it is really hard to work all day, keep the house clean, and manage the family. We do understand. Giving that extra something special to your Healthy Environment goes a long way in keeping not only yourself healthy, but your family as well.

This week let’s go over some practical tips on household management that might help you keep it all together, and on track.

Time Management:

Time is hard for all of us. We spend time at work, we spend time at school functions for the kids, we spend time in line; but making time for our healthy environment is actually a time saver. When we take the time to schedule our cleaning time, we give ourselves and our families a break from illnesses, and a better life to enjoy.

Clear the Clutter:

When we turn clearing the clutter (which means tossing the trash) into a game, we allow our family to get involved. Give your family the chance to help you out. Everyone can pick a spot and clean. Set the timer for just 15-30 minutes and celebrate what can be accomplished.

Sweep or Vacuum the Floor:

The floor gets the least amount of attention and the most amount of dirt. Put the floor on the schedule. Sweep or vacuum on a regular basis, and let your kids do it. Giving your kids the daily or weekly chore of sweeping or vacuuming is an excellent way to keep it clean, while teaching them the value of hard work.

Grab the Rag:

An awesome way to clean your Healthy Environment is to wipe the dirt and dust away. Grab a Microfiber towel and have at it. As you dust your way to cleanliness, you will also start to enjoy the process. Put on some music and “Dust Dance” your way around.

Brighten the View:

Our windows are our view to the beautiful ocean and growth outside our homes. Giving these areas a cleaning on a regular basis gives our eyes a new view. Grab the glass cleaner and remove the dirt.

Managing a household is what we teach our kids. Living in a Healthy Environment is what we give our kids.

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Make 2022 Your Year Of Clean!!

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