Order Your To Go Containers Delivered For Free

Order Your To Go Containers Delivered For Free

23 May 2023

Ordering your restaurant containers and supplies is as easy as ABC.  Below are just a few of the options we offer.  Contact us today and explore how easy your reordering can be with ABC's Online Catalog.

Dart® Foam Hinged Lid Containers

Hinged containers available non-perforated or with the PERFormer™ perforated hinge that allows the container's lid to be removed. Stackable. Secure closure. Has high insulation properties to keep hot food hot and cold foods cold. The vented container comes with the PERFormer™ perforated hinge. Vent holes on sidewalls of the lid preserve food quality (i.e. crispiness) by allowing steam to escape. These containers feature either a double lock closure or a "knuckle" locking tab intended to prevent accidental openings. When closed, a perimeter seal keeps food secure, reducing leaks. Tabs on base ensure container stay closed when picked up by the lid. Also available in black.

WNA Polypropylene Containers & Lids

Thermoformed in polypropylene for a strong, safe, and lighter weight container that is economical as well as recyclable. Freezer safe and microwavable allows the container to go from storage to presentation with ease.

Dart® Famous Service® Impact Plastic Dinnerware

Add elegance to any meal with Dart Famous Service impact plastic dinnerware. The glossy, china-like finish and rigid construction enhance food presentation. The non-absorbent, cut-resistant surface keeps sauces from soaking through. Decorative, yet functional, the rim design offers a sophisticated accent while providing for easy product separation. Nests more closely than foam or conventional dinnerware, saving you money by reducing storage requirements.


GEN 2-Ply 14.25" W x 16.25" D, White Dinner Napkins

Includes 20 packs of 150 napkins each.

Impact® Non-Woven Bouffant Cap - 24", White

These bouffants are perfect for a range of applications and work environments. Non-woven caps are spun bonded polypropylene material. Great for hospitals, lab work, food processing, and manufacturing.

ABC Sales & Services offers more than just your cleaning supplies. 

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